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Keep Business Moving with Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Why Backup?

Stuff happens.  Devices are lost, stolen and damaged. Let the device be the only loss with complete backups of all data, applications and settings of each individual device. Additionally, have complete confidence in the ability to recover and restore to a new device.

Why Business Continuity?

All businesses need a data continuity plan.  In today’s world, all companies are at a disadvantage if their technology is rendered useless. Natural disaster, systems failure and cyber attacks like ransomware happen to everyone – no matter the size of the organization.

“We switched to the backup environment and we really lost no time during [the ransomware attack], which is huge.  I’m completely and utterly thankful that we contracted with Brite.”

–Information Manager, Lupton Associates

It’s not a matter of if, but when. 

Life happens. Cybersecurity breaches occur, hardware fails, users spill on their keyboards and devices are lost and stolen. It is not a matter of if something will happen that renders your data unreachable, but a question of when.

Backup & Restore

Whether it’s a single file or a critical system, our secure backups and range of restore tools are optimized to get you back to business quickly. We have the tools to get you back up no matter the scenario and include the ability to restore single files or folders, point-in-time rollback to quickly recover from ransomware and fast, full system restore to the same or new hardware.

Business Continuity

Disasters can take many forms including failures of hardware, software, systems, or data centers, business-halting natural disasters, unintentional human error or malicious insiders and cyber attacks like ransomware. Even if your systems go down completely, we can spin up virtual servers in our secure cloud to keep your business running.

Ransomware Protection

Small and medium businesses are increasingly being targeted by ransomware attacks which can cripple your business or worse. With our total data protection, you can continue business operations by turning back the clock to before the ransomware attack. Protect your business with ransomware detection, better backups and fast rollbacks.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity:

Essential Protection for Your Organization's Future

The reality is stuff happens – and you need a plan for when it does. Natural disasters, equipment failures, cyberattacks, etc. can create a lot of damage. Knowing where your data is and having backups is a lifesaver for both data recovery and business continuity for when those unfortunate events do occur.

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Learn more about how proactive disaster recovery and business continuity can ensure your organization’s future.

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