2022 Public Safety Tech Trends

It was revolutionary when radios were added to patrol cars. Fast forward to now, with 2022 on the horizon, departments are leveraging a wide array of technology in everyday duties. Is your department on-trend, or is there room to upgrade your technology stack? Let’s see what the 2022 public safety technology trends are.

2022 Tech Trends

1. Body-worn cameras with real-time streaming

BWC have been on the project list for a few years now. As more departments adopt body-worn camera programs with state-issued mandates, the criteria list writes itself. It is one thing to implement them to check a requirement box, and it is another to maximize the features of body-worn cameras.

Go beyond just wearing it on the chest and get real-time BWC streaming to support informed actions with the expertise of those at HQ.

2. 5G enabled devices

A strong, reliable connection is essential to keeping devices and systems connected. 5G is not a new topic and luckily is starting to roll out nationwide. Take advantage of the new network and service for things like real-time streaming to HQ.

Future-proof your technology investment by ensuring all devices are 5G enabled. Though not available everywhere yet, ensure your devices will properly perform for their full lifecycle.

3. Drone defense

Drones pose a serious risk in a wide variety of situations including ranging from rouge operators crashing into a crowd at a stadium to delivering contraband to prisons. Reduce the threat of drone interference with a robust drone defense program.

To be in compliance with FIAA regulations, evaluate a drone defense program that can locate both the drone and pilot.

4. Light, but rugged MDTs

Rugged computers are essential in the public safety industry. Officers don’t sit at a desk all day, so devices need to be able to withstand a wide array of conditions. But who wants to lug around a 10-pound computer?

Light, but rugged MDTs are the answer. Now, a completely rugged laptop with MIL-STD 810H and IP66 ratings only weighs 5 pounds.

5. Integrated interview room

Gone are the days of separate evidence files. As video continues to find its place in investigations, the management of files becomes easier. Add interview rooms with a single integration record to your department’s strategy and have complete records of investigations from the field through interrogations with both audio and video.

6. Cybersecurity

Technology is incredibly powerful. Unfortunately, there are bad actors that steal sensitive (and valuable) data. Natively, departments have access to troves of incredibly valuable information and attract many cybercriminals.

It is your responsibility to take proper steps to protect that data and information – just like we lock our houses.


So, how ready is your department for 2022? Brite is here to assist with any of your technology projects in 2022.

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