AeroDefense detects & locates both drone & controller (pilot) using RF sensors Legal RF detection that does not decode or demodulate signals without violating US wiretapping laws. AeroDefense is able to detect any drone, including homemade ones.

AeroDefense | Drone Detection

AeroDefense’s patented drone detection system, AirWardenTM, detects and locates both known and unknown drones and their pilots (controllers) simultaneously. Operating on the physical radio frequency (RF) signal level only, the system utilizes spectrum sensing technology to provide the configurable alert capabilities and situational awareness security teams need to respond effectively to drone threats.

AirWarden operates legally for domestic commercial use because it does not demodulate and decode any RF signals or perform warrantless searches by extracting information such as GPS coordinates, drone serial numbers, or time stamps from the drone communication channel. Therefore, the system does not violate DOJ Federal Regulations/Wiretapping Laws or the Fourth Amendment.


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