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Controlling Your Data

IT organizatioData Storage Concept Illustrationns struggle to answer fundamental questions about their data centers like “What assets do I have, and how are they connected?” and “Where are they located, and how are they being used?” Manual data collection methods cannot keep pace with today’s complex and dynamic IT environments. The result? Unreliable data and too much guesswork lead to audit penalties, failed changes, longer problem resolution times and outdated business continuity plans.

BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) automatically finds and maintains a complete and up-to-date inventory of data center assets and the relationships between them, which ensures data accuracy and reduces data collection costs. Having visibility and transparency into all data center assets, their location, their usage and their relationships to each other gives you the knowledge and ability to reduce business risk and make better business decisions. Collaborative application mapping simplifies and automates the application mapping process. By understanding complex application dependencies, IT has the insight it needs to make the right planning choices, safely manage changes, prioritize incidents and understand the real costs of IT.

Combating BYOD Security Issues

Today, mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes, from smartphones, notebooks and tablets, to the new Smartwatch. While this mobility boosts efficiency through “anywhere, anytime access” to business systems it creates an equal amount of uncertainty and vulnerability for the organization.hero shot

With 81% of employees currently using personal devices at work, security managers have already discovered the disconcerting implications: less control than ever over business data access from consumer devices, more difficulty determining which devices are accessing which systems and finally the health or compliance of these devices.

To efficiently and effectively deliver a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative, organizations have been turning to CounterACT, an innovative Network Access Control software from ForeScout.

CounterACT was recently honored by SC Magazine as Best NAC Product after proving the success and overall impact of the software to the Reader Trust Voting Panel. Functionality, manageability, ease-of-use, scalability and customer service are considered during the judging process.

ForeScout’s innovations illustrate the passion and creativity the IT security company has for protecting valuable assets and corporate interests. Its ability to enable business while protecting network resources and sensitive data also earned ForeScout the Readers Trust Award.

In addition to being one of the fastest and easiest NAC products to deploy, CounterACT automatically enforces security policies for every user and every device on the network, immediately minimizing security risks. ForeScout’s agentless solution works with managed, unmanaged and rogue devices both physical and virtual.

If you have already implemented BYOD, planning to do so, or you are avoiding the project because of the inherent risks, Contact Brite to see how ForeScout’s CounterACT can make the BYOD dream a SECURE reality.

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