Forescout 8.2 Deep Dive: Dashboard Upgrades

Visibility and management of your network keeps getting better with the Forescout 8.2 update. With the theme of “Identify and Act – Faster” the newest version continues to improve the already powerful security platform with a set of upgrades including a new dashboard, connectors and cloud deployments.  

As 8.2 betters the capabilities of Forescout, we want to breakdown new features starting with the dashboard updates.

Forescout’s 8.2 Dashboard Overview.

A highly asked for and anticipated feature of 8.2 is the new web-based interface dashboard.  The two key components of the dashboard’s updates are the customization and new individual dashboards.

The biggest impact is that now about 90% of tasks can be done from the web.  While all configurations and policy creation tasks remain in the Forescout console, users can now do the following right from the web interface: 

  • Pinpoint compliance gaps and at-risk devices in real time with asset drill-down.
  • Personalize dashboards and create persona-based views for multiple IT functions.
  • Preempt issues with proactive monitoring policies against compliance and risk thresholds.

It’s in the Details.

Sure, the web-based interface dashboard is a big deal. The 8.2 update includes details that simplifies management for users.  

Dashboards and privacy settings. Users can now create multiple dashboards and implement privacy settings for those dashboards.  Multiple dashboards provide customization and insights on specific areas. When creating dashboards, there are two privacy options – public and private.  Public dashboards are available to any user in the Forescout environment.  Private dashboards are available to only the user who created it. 

Asset portal update. Inventory and asset management is easier than ever with the 8.2 interface.  Effortlessly search for assets to manage and review information from the web without having to use the Forescout console. 

Improved search functions. Search the entire device inventory, filter by policy, network segment and any device property and pinpoint device location. 

The Forescout platform is a powerful security tool that jumpstarts an organization’s security posture, providing real time insights and visibility into what’s going on in the network.  If you’re a current Forescout user and want to learn if upgrading to Forescout 8.2 is right for your environment, then reach out to your rep or engineer. New to Forescout? Contact us and we’ll match you with your rep to see if the solution is right for your organization’s needs.  

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