Forescout 8.2 Deep Dive: eyeExtend Connect Ecosystem

While we often talk about visibility and real-time insights with Forescout, it’s no secret that security doesn’t stop with it. Forescout’s 8.2 update and the introduction of eyeExtend Connect, Forescout users can now go beyond just visibility and enhance their overall IT and cybersecurity ecosystem.

Forescout’s 8.2 update introduced three significant features including: a web-based interface with dashboard improvements, cloud-first deployments and the eyeExtend Connect ecosystem.  This blog deep dives and breakdowns the new eyeExtend Connect feature and what that means for Forescout users. 

Forescout 8.2: eyeExtend Connect Ecosystem Overview

Essentially, this new feature replaces the open integration module, which allowed users to create inter-operability with anything.  The eyeExtend Connect expands the current eyeExtend app portfolio to include a community-based app ecosystem.  This lets users build, use and share apps that connect with the Forescout platform.  


Build. Create your own app for the Forescout platform.  Create custom connectors that are built for your organization’s exact needs. 


Consume. Take advantage of a variety of community-built apps.  Apps are easy to deploy and customize.  


Share.  Maximize the value of IT investments by leveraging crowdsourcing and learning community best practices.  

Existing eyeExtend modules from Forescout are important in optimizing and customizing Forescout environments.  The new ecosystem takes the modules one step further to enable collaboration between Forescout users. Watch an example of how Forescout integrates with another tool, CrowdStrike, here.

It’s important to note that Forescout will vet every app for security before adding it to the ecosystem. 

How to Create Apps and Utilize the eyeExtend Connect App Ecosystem

This feature is for technical people who are looking to create third-party vendor integrations.  This can include Forescout users who build custom integrations to optimize their environment or Forescout partners creating collaborative integrations.  

The four-step process includes defining content in the configuration files, writing Python scripts to accomplish tasks, creating an app (putting the configuration files and scripts in a zip file) and importing the app in the Connect Plugin.  

To utilize apps, users must have an eyeExtend Connect license and then can use any app that is available in the ecosystem.  

Overall, while we believe a strong security posture starts with visibility into a network from Forescout, having the ability to create and utilize integrations is beneficial in utilizing security tools to the fullest extent. 

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