Getac B360: The Newest Rugged Laptop

The Getac B360 laptop is the newest rugged computer to hit the market. As the next generation of the flagship Getac B300 laptop, the B360 is lighter, faster – and just as rugged. The combination of what Getac is known and loved for with new, sleek technology makes it the ideal rugged laptop solution to keep officers connected and efficient.

The Getac B360’s out-of-the-box standard configuration meets the everyday needs of officers. Additional customizable options allows every department to create the perfect solution, unique to its use.

The B360 is the laptop for public safety, but why Getac?

As a longtime Getac partner, we want to highlight three reasons why our customers nationwide continue to select Getac as their mobile computing solution:

  1. While we’re talking about the Getac B360 laptop, that’s just one device in a diverse lineup of computing solutions including tablets, convertibles and laptops. Explore ‘A Screen for Every Need’ to see the entire lineup.
  2. The fully rugged computers are built withstand extreme conditions, which means they’re built to last the day-to-day handling. Learn about rugged computing.
  3. Technology fails and Getac’s standard bumper-to-bumper warranty is the best out-of-box warranty on the market to protect your technology investment. Learn more about it here.

The Getac B300 changed rugged computing, its replacement the Getac B360 does not disappoint. Get started on finding the right MDT solution for your department here.

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