What your IT team can be doing instead of managing your SIEM

Having a lot on your to-do list isn’t always a bad thing. Except for when one task takes up all your time – like managing your company’s SIEM.  A SIEM is critical to the security of a company, but the practically of managing one isn’t ideal.  Managing a SIEM strains both human and financial resources, and often leads to missed critical alerts.  In a previous blog, we walked through the differences between managinga SIEM and a managedSIEM.  One major benefit of outsourcing your SIEM management is opening availability of your staff to focus on strategic projects.  

So, without having to manage a SIEM you can concentrate on: 


Data privacy and protection

There’s been no shortage of conversation around data privacy and protection, including Facebook and Marriott.  However, organizations are still trailing behind in data privacy and protection.  In a survey regarding privacy priorities after the implementation of GDPR, 28% companies rank working with other business units to properly integrate data privacy and protection measures as the primary privacy challenge. 23% of organizations have only one employee working in data privacy and protection.  Companies would greatly benefit with more resources dedicated to the project.  



Managing the growth of a company’s digital footprint can be enhanced by implementing automation.  Automation in IT has several benefits such as improving accountability, efficiency, and predictability.  These benefits are complemented with reduced costs, variability and risk.  However, implementing a successful automation process takes time. So, being able to dedicate more time, focus and resources to the project allows for organizations to strategically identify existing automation and to continue to expand. 


Digital transformation

The ever-continuing project of shifting digital plagues organizations.  Digital transformations could mean modernizing efforts like shifting to the cloud or simply reevaluating how well a company is using technology, people and process in business performance. To successfully drive digital change, IT needs to be aligned with business goals and leadership and a boost in employee engagement to help facilitate the right efforts.  


Cloud solutions

More than half of IT leader anticipated an increase in cloud computing spending throughout 2019.  Whether it’s investing in new cloud tools or upgrading existing solutions, cloud computing is leading IT projects.  Shifting from on-premise data centers to cloud services requires both budget and time investments from the company.

As IT’s role in business operations continues to grow with the shift to digital, organization’s need to fully utilize internal resources to successfully complete projects in a timely manner without jeopardizing security.  Reduce the time monitoring alerts and offload managing your SIEM to a service provider.  Providers like BriteProtect, handle all logs and alerts and notifies your team when there’s a viable threat.  Let Brite help you focus on more strategic projects and learn more about BriteProtect here.

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