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Is your organization struggling to manage and monitor multiple security tools while also working on internal projects and priorities?

BriteProtect is the solution to alleviating cybersecurity challenges within your organization, including:

  • Limited cybersecurity resources.
  • Too many alerts/emergencies
  • Not enough staff to monitor 24/7 alerts
  • Quick turn over of employees
  • Missed critical alerts
  • Unnoticed security breaches 
  • Reducing cost


Watch our demo video and see for yourself how BriteProtect resolves these challenges.


1. Collect all the Logs

BriteProtect collects and normalizes logs from all security tools into one, unified platform.

2. Detect Real Threats

Brite’s team of SOC analysts utilizes the powerful open XDR machine learning engine to identify malicious activity up to 20x faster than traditional means.

3. Hunt For Threats

Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, the Brite team proactively searches through a comprehensive threat hunting and incidents library aligned with the XDR kill chain.

4. Effective & Appropriate Response

Gone are the days of swivel chair defense with effective automation utilized when appropriate. Halt attackers in their tracks.

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