Strapped for Storage in your Police Vehicle?

Today’s blog is brought to you by Lindsey Cooksey and our friends at Lund Industries.

Outside of the major metropolitan cities, most Americans depend on their vehicles for transportation.  Whether in a driveway, parking lot or on the street these vehicles need to be secured to prevent theft of valuable personal items.  Police vehicles are no exception to this rule.  Thefts from police vehicles are costly and dangerous.  Criminals steal items such as computers containing sensitive data, rifles, loaded magazines, bullet proof vests, and much more.  Securing these items is imperative to ensure officer and community safety.


The standard method of security for such items has been locked in the trunk of the police vehicle.  However, the use of SUV’s in police fleets is on the rise and with these vehicles comes a new challenge in safeguarding the equipment while still allowing quick accessibility.  There are multiple methods of cabinet and spare tire compartment storage.  Cabinet storage can make it difficult to access the spare tire or put large items, like bicycles, into the rear of the vehicle.  Spare tire compartment storage can require the removal of the spare or the need to empty the contents of the rear area to access the compartment.


Enter THE LOFT by Lund-Industries.  Patent pending and proudly manufactured in the U.S., THE LOFT is a multi-purpose storage solution for the Ford Police Interceptor Utility and PPV Chevy Tahoe.  The LOFT fits in the unused space above the window line and up to the headliner in the rear quarter of the vehicle. The storage area used does not take away from space generally used for other gear and equipment and it fits up near the headliner, out of the line of sight through the rearview mirror.  This ensures the officers view out of the rear of the vehicle is unobstructed while preventing possible thieves from seeing the equipment through the rear windows from the outside of the vehicle. THE LOFT can be used as a secured gun vault or as an electronic equipment storage tray.  It provides for easy installation of side and rear facing emergency LEDs as well for enhanced visibility of the vehicle from the side and rear.  The LOFT can be mounted in vehicles with or without a partition to accommodate all usage types. Access to the equipment is quick, easy and secure.


THE LOFT is a thoughtful solution designed to minimize theft while enhancing safety and ease of use. Check it out for yourself!


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