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Phishing Emails Are Getting Smarter – Are You?

We’re all aware of the threat of phishing attacks. It’s sometimes assumed that technical minded people are invincible to phishing attacks, but even the most savvy can be duped. The latest phishing attack making headlines has a 90% success rate. You may be familiar with the standard phishing language below, but what about non-traditional methods? Standard Phishing Language: […]

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3 Ways to Create a Cybersecurity Culture

The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million globally.   Non-malicious employee error is typically the cause of a data breach. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what IT security system an organization has in place if employees aren’t educated on the importance of cybersecurity.   Establishing a cybersecurity culture requires everyone to have an equal part in cybersecurity, which is essential in protecting the organization. To create or strengthen your cybersecurity culture, use these three tips.  […]

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