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Deploying LPRs with Existing Assets

Big news! Gone are the days of having to buy an expensive, single-use license plate recognition (LPR) setup.  Easily utilize existing camera assets in combination with a powerful AI-driven LPR software without losing any of the benefits or functionality of traditional LPR systems.  Okay, but how? Let’s talk about it… How to utilize existing assets for LPR (+ […]

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LPR Deep Dive: OCR vs. AI Technology

License plate recognition (LPR) technology has become a staple in law enforcement.  The powerful addition accelerates investigations and lead generation.  While, the vast market of LPR systems operate off of similar setups, today, we want to talk about the evolution of LPR software and how agencies can take advantage of those technological changes.   This blog is […]

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The future of crime fighting in 2019

It has been an exciting year for technology advancements in the Public Safety industry.  Most importantly the positive impact technology has provided by improving officer safety and helping officers gain better information to generate leads and solve crimes faster.  Below are the top 5 ways these innovative advancements can be used in your department today.  1. Real-Time […]

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