Top 5 Security Projects of 2019

Not every project can be done all at once, so our team at Brite compiled a list of the top 5 security project for 2019 to help guide you in this season of planning.  Below are the 5 most critical projects to ensure proper protection of your devices, network and cloud infrastructures. 

1. Device visibility

The number of connected devices continues to explode.  IoT concerns finds itself as a top cybersecurity priority yet again.  A lot of conversations take place around consumer connected devices like smart watches and lightbulbs, but what is often ignored are the 5 billion IP-connected devices currently residing on enterprise networks[i]. These devices now span from campuses and data centers to the cloud and OT networks.  No longer does basic device and network visibility work across an organization, especially as more devices continue to be connected.

Luckily, our partner ForeScout provides 100% device visibility across heterogenous networks with an agentless approach.  With ForeScout, all connected devices are automatically identified, profiled and classified.  After initial connection, the devices are continuously monitored.

2. NextGen End Point Protection

Reactive security plans do not work, especially when it comes to zero-day attacks like phishing and ransomware. Many of the headline-making attacks are the result of an end point security inefficacy.  Classic AV based on signatures does not catch today’s attacks because of their ability to mutate into unrecognizable forms. With the advancements in attacks, tools need to have equally innovative techniques for prevention, detection, remediation and response.

The biggest challenge facing people when it comes to starting a NextGen end point project is deciphering the differences between the vast array of solutions.  Check out our end point matrix tool to help guide you in your evaluation process.

3. Alert and Log Management

Today’s reality is that networks are constantly being attacked and an unmanageable number of event alerts are generated. With so many alerts, (many false-positives), security professionals are unable to focus their attention on the most critical events that may indicate an incident. Without proper correlation of events and active monitoring, many incidents go unnoticed for weeks, if not months.

Brite’s managed SIEM offering BriteProtect, provides customers with the essential 24/7 monitoring and proactive, continuous device tuning. The BriteProtect service is offered to manage an existing SIEM or includes a SIEM. 

4. Privileged Account Management

Privileged accounts continue to be at the forefront of most breaches.  As soon as an attacker is inside of a network, they look for a privileged account to take over.  Once control of the privileged account is gained, new accounts can be generated, critical data can easily be stolen, and the extent of damage dramatically increases.  Protecting privileged accounts means protecting your most critical assets.  

Our partner, CyberArk, brings a multi-layer approach to securing privileged accounts. Their combination of password management, session recording and data analytics ensures that super user accounts are protected, even if the walls to your castle are breached. 

5. Cloud Security

Nearly all organizations are utilizing the cloud in some form, from SaaS-based applications, public cloud networking, public/private hybrid networks, or all of the above.  As the complexity of cloud-based systems increases, so must the complexity of defense. Though the end result of cloud attacks are not very different from their local infrastructure counterparts, the method differ immensely.  Because of this, new protection strategies are needed.

Brite has gathered a best-in-breed lineup of solutions to protect your organizations cloud strategy and secure your assets with application control, data protection, shadow IT visibility and more. 

Brite is here to help with all your 2019 security efforts!  We proudly offer a suite of best-in-breed technologies and take the time to match each organization to the right tool for their needs.  Reach out to us to start a conversation.

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