Using Your Phone for Mobile LPR

License plate recognition technology has been around for years. Fixed and mobile LPR cameras paved the way for departments to widely utilize the technology. But what if we told you that rather than using expensive LPR cameras, you could use a mobile device?

In previous blogs, we’ve shared how our LPR partner Rekor flipped the script on traditional LPRs. And by doing so, they revolutionized the game by…

Rekor Ecosystem

Not only was Rekor able to create a more powerful and accurate platform, but they have also made it so it’s more available to others. A quick rundown of the Rekor product offering:

  1. Rekor Scout: A software package delivering real-time license plate recognition when paired with IP, traffic or security cameras
  2. Rekor Edge: Fixed, mountable cameras
  3. Rekor Finder: In-vehicle license plate system
  4. Rekor Trailer: ALPR speed trailer
  5. Rekor Go: Mobile app to capture plates via mobile device

Bringing the power of LPR to any mobile device with Rekor Go is what we are here to talk about today. Have the power of reading license plates and receive alerts for identified vehicles in the palm of your hand. Identify vehicles of interest in real-time with a simple live video scan.

Rekor Go: Scan plates. Anywhere.

Rekor Go FAQ

What do you need?

A mobile device. The app is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play.

What are the capabilities?

Create your own lists and upload existing ones. Easily sort plates into ‘Allowed’ and ‘Not Allowed’ lists. Utilize the power of Rekor software to accurately scan plates in real time and analyze your data. From searching historical data to exporting for advanced analysis, Rekor Go is a friendly way to capture plate reads anywhere.

Who can use it?

This is the perfect solution for those on foot or stationed at varying locations. The flexibility of needing only a mobile device makes the possibilities endless. Use cases for Rekor Go include visitor management, parking operations and both campus and event security.

Rekor, Rekor Go and the rest of the solutions are today’s LPR. Ditch traditional systems and schedule a Rekor demo today. Our team of reps and engineers is ready to help create the perfect ALPR setup for your department.


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