What is FirstNet® MegaRange™?

FirstNet originally transformed communications with its private network for first responders and public safety. Now, with its most recent solution, FirstNet MegaRange, it’s enhancing and expanding the power of the FirstNet network.

What is FirstNet MegaRange?

FirstNet MegaRange improves connectivity and throughput of any FirstNet data services to cellular towers. In other words, it strengthens the connection and reliability of the network.

This is achieved through High Power User Equipment (HPUE) which transmits stronger signals. FirstNet MegaRange operates at a higher power class on Band 14. Ultimately, allowing devices to improve uplink data speeds.

Is it right for your department?

Arguably the greatest benefit is the expanded coverage area where data connectivity is unreliable. With this new service, gain coverage in:

  • Remote regions
  • Rural Areas
  • Tribal Nations
  • Boosts in metropolitan areas (challenges with penetration through buildings and underground parking structures)

Really in summary, take everything you know about the FirstNet network and add expanding coverage and reliability. All first responder and public safety agencies are eligible for FirstNet MegaRange and can use existing FirstNet Ready™ modems to take advantage of this incredible network.

Brite’s Recommended Products: Sierra Wireless

As said, FirstNet MegaRange does not require new products, just FirstNet supported devices. If you do not currently have one, based on our experience, we recommend the following two routers from Sierra Wireless.

AirLink® MG90 Router

  • 5G LTE Supported
  • Dual Radio
  • Rugged (IP-64 and Mil-STD 810G)
  • Multi-Network
  • FirstNet Ready™
Data Sheet

AirLink® MP70 Router

  • LTE Supported
  • Dual Gigabit Wi-Fi
  • Multi-Port
  • Rugged (IP-64 and Mil-STD 810G)
  • FirstNet Ready™
Data Sheet
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