3 Technologies for Smart Cities and Safe Communities

For 20 years, we’ve helped public safety departments implement technology to protect communities and keep officers safe.  

The Brite intelligence and investigation toolset provides officers and cities with a proactive approach to protecting communities.  Combining these technologies, we provide a layered scope of view for full situational awareness, starting at a high level and moving down to the street.  Out of Brite’s deeply vetted toolbox, we would like to highlight three key technologies being used to keep communities safe. 

Insights from the Dark Web with Cobwebs

An emerging technology is web intelligence.  Cobwebs leverages AI-powered software to analyze data from various open sources, surface web, social media, deep and dark web in any specified geographic location, allowing investigators to generate actionable insights in just a few clicks.  Data reveals trends and patterns to give investigators the proper information to eliminate risks and find the true threat.  

Due to the mainstream nature of social media, the platforms are used to share ideologies, coordinate gatherings and enact change.  Cobwebs enables departments to understand the origin of the web activity, determining and ensuring the spheres of influence are relative to the issue at hand and within jurisdiction.  

Securing the Perimeter with Rekor

LPR technology processes data of the vehicles entering and leaving an area.  Standard IP cameras capture the license plate, make, model and characteristics of passing vehicles. When strategically positioned, LPR cameras create a virtual fence around an area of interest or high traffic.  Typical areas of scope include the entry/exit points of a city or town, shopping centers, stadiums, main thoroughfares, etc. Alerts are delivered to officers based on matches with ‘hot lists’ of known vehicles connected to criminal activity. In addition, advanced analytics provide details about vehicles, known associates and travel patterns to further investigations.

On the Streets with Getac Video Solutions (GVS)

Body-worn cameras and in-car video provide a wide range of benefits to both officers and the community.  The GVS platform delivers live streaming of cameras and audio to the command center.  The live feeds enable leaders to make real-time decisions with the proper information.

Additionally, GVS combines in-car, body-worn video and GPS path into a single evidence record for a more complete view of the situation.  Afterwards, it can be reviewed and used for investigations and training.   The GVS all-in-one video management system also includes redaction to protect identities.

This trifecta of technologies provides departments with actionable intelligence and situational awareness to proactively protect communities.  Contact Brite to learn more about how these and our other Intelligence and Investigation Center tools can help your community.

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