5 Projects Missed at IACP: Guide to 2022 Technology Projects

You shouldn’t miss out on the current technology trends for law enforcement and public safety agencies even with the annual IACP conference canceled. Technology continues to find its place in departments to aid in investigations and make day-to-day operations easier. So, we’re here to share 5 projects for your department that we know many were planning to explore at IACP.

Before we jump into the details, our team at Brite is available to help any department find the right solutions to address their specific needs and requirements. With 20 years of experience, more than 1,600 customers nationwide and more than 20 technology partners, the Brite team has a proven process to ease your burden of finding and deploying a new technology.

Not sure what project to start with? Here are the five most popular technology projects.

Project 1: Body-worn cameras

BWC continues to be a high-priority project for many departments as government mandates continue to rollout. Mandates aside, body-worn cameras add incredible value to day-to-day operations. Gain situational awareness with real-time, live video for decision-making intel. Other features such as in-field tagging make evidence management a dream and the rugged form factor, quality mic and low light capabilities make the camera ideal for any situation.

Where to start: Getac Video Solutions is a leader in the video space and released its latest body-worn camera, the BC-03, just last year. Watch our on-demand webinar for the specs and overview of this solution.  (PS: Brite offers financing options for BWC!)


Project 2: In-car video

In the same breath as BWC, in-car video provides situational awareness in and around the vehicle. This complete solution creates multiple vantage points equipping officers with critical context during investigations. Where to start: Luckily, the GVS complete video package includes in-car video, body-worn cameras, and interview room video – all under one evidence management system for easy record management.  Explore the entire Getac Video offering here.

Project 3: Next-gen computers

Computers and in-vehicle computing are nothing new. Trust us – in our 20+ years of paring departments with the right technology, computers have been part of our practice since day one. However, this next-gen lineup has technology upgrades across a variety of devices. They may look the same, but Getac’s lineup of computers has been refreshed with the latest technology. The newest processors, fully rugged materials and wide range of models offer the perfect combinations for your fleet.

Where to start: Choose your own adventure – Either see what Getac’s lineup looks like mounted in vehicles, or what device and model meet your needs in the blog “A Screen for Every Need”.

Project 4: 5G network utilization

5G isn’t new news – so what does it have to do with departments and technology? While it’s not fully rolled out and accessible in all areas, it is important to future-proof your setup for when 5G is the norm. When a new network is released, technology is created to operate off that network, making older networks obsolete. For example, when 5G was announced, 3G networks went end-of-life. Protect your technology purchases by planning ahead and making sure your hardware will perform for its full lifecycle.

Where to start: When purchasing technology today, prepare for its longevity and for it to support the newest network. And remember, to take full advantage of any technology investment, a strong, reliable connection is key.

Project 5: Drone detection

Sure – drones can create cool videos, but unwanted drones are dangerous threats. Cities, stadiums and correctional facilities are common places where unwanted drones are a problem. Operating on the physical radio frequency (RF) signal level only, the system utilizes spectrum sensing technology to provide the configurable alert capabilities and situational awareness security teams need to respond effectively to drone threats.

Where to start: Equip your team and be prepared to minimize risk and interfere with attacks with a drone detection platform that can identify and locate the drone and its pilot. Find out how in our on-demand webinar.

How to get started on your project

Technology projects can be a heavy lift – especially on top of normal duties. Don’t panic. Start with exploring and prioritizing projects based on the department’s current needs and budget. Next, give Brite a call and we’ll connect you to your local representative to help scope the project, create a roadmap and connect you with solutions that make sense. It’s easier to tackle a project as a group, than alone.

Plus, take advantage of Brite’s demo opportunities, grant and funding assistance and post-sale support to ensure the best for your department. Get started on your next project today.


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