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Better Together: Forescout and ServiceNow

Our ‘Better Together’ series explores different integrations to showcase the increased security and value of pairing tools together.  For part two of the series, we’re answering the question: Are Forescout and ServiceNow better together


  • Establish the Forescout foundation
  • Explore Forescout and ServiceNow use cases
  • Hear from Forescout Product Development 

Forescout Foundation: eyeExtend

Visibility is Forescout’s bread and butter.  The Forescout eyeExtend platform offers critical insight into the network and provides real-time information on connected devices.  This also allows for bidirectional API communication with tools to share contextual insights and automate actions and controls.  

The ever-changing and dynamic work environments are creating an unprecedented and immediate need for visibility and control of what devices are connected to the network.  Those insights can be combined with additional security tools to optimize performance and further reduce security risk. 

Better Together: Forescout and ServiceNow

Today the focus is around combining the capabilities of eyeExtend with ServiceNow – a software company enabling users with digital workflows.

Forescout and ServiceNow provide the following use cases:

  1. Gain visibility of devices on the network.  Identify and continuously maintain accurate asset intelligence for all connected devices with sharing real-time information with ServiceNow’s CMDB.
  2. Increase compliance by dynamically enforcing device configuration and security policies.  For non-compliant devices, implement automatic remediation steps or generate a ticket within ServiceNow.
  3. Reduce security risk by automation security incident detection of non-compliant or compromised devices, record creation within the ServiceNow system and policy-driven actions.  
  4. Increase service efficiency and optimize security operations by automating record creation and remediation.  

So, with the Forescout and ServiceNow integration you gain real-time information sharing, increased compliance, reduced risk and increased service efficiency.  Hear Forescout Product Development discuss the integration. 

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