Live Earth aggregates millions of desperate data sources, synchronizes them in real-time, and then presents them on a single interactive map. If it has a data stream, then it can be visualized in real-time.  LLive Earth provides public safety professionals with enhanced situational awareness to make informed decisions, quickly.

Live Earth | Real-Time Situational Awareness

The Live Earth web application is a real-time mapping platform for visualizing time series data and live data streams. Currently in use by cities and states, including police departments and departments of transportation, Live Earth delivers real-time situational awareness to help organizations make time- critical, data-driven decisions, leveraging information from disparate sources. The results are improved public service, public safety event avoidance and mitigation, and faster emergency response.

By providing “out of the box” access to traffic flow, accidents, parking lot fill volumes, weather, and other public feeds we allow cities and various utilities to then layer on specific data feeds to help improve and enable collaborative management of assets. With the ability to integrate parking sensors, traffic lights, street lights, and most IoT sensor types, Live Earth provides a single focal point to bridge all functions together seamlessly.

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