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Managed NextGen Endpoint Services for Expedited Detection, Investigation and Response

Advanced, AI-powered managed NextGen endpoint detection and response powered by detailed threat hunting.

What is NextGen Endpoint?

Go beyond a signature based approach and halt bad actors with AI and machine learning. Prevent both known and unknown endpoint attacks.

Why NextGen Endpoint?

With the mobile nature of today’s workforce, the endpoint attack surface has had exponential expansion. Traditional signature-based endpoint approaches do not work against advanced, evolving threats. Protection through NextGen endpoint is the answer.

Benefits of Managed NextGen Endpoint

Like any powerful security tool, proper management and monitoring is needed for maximum protection. The Brite team takes on the tactical elements of managing an endpoint protection program so security teams can focus on strategic initiatives.

Managed NextGen Endpoint Services

Configuration and Maintenance

Endpoint security tools need to be properly configured from the beginning and require continuous care and feeding. Brite uses industry best practices to meet the requirements of your business.  The system is maintained to ensure the next generation capabilities are fully utilized.

Services Include:

  • Tool Set-up & Configuration
  • Subscription, Signatures and Intelligence Feed Updates

Software Tuning and Policy Refinement

Endpoint security tools need continuous policy review and tuning. Brite’s certified security analysts incorporate industry best practices with the strategic goals and objectives of your business.

Services Include:

  • Policy Review & Updates
  •  24/7 Alert Investigation & Analysis
  • Correlation of Data


As events are identified, our security analysts investigate the incidents and apply policy changes based on agreed-upon playbooks. When combined with the managed XDR service, Brite can automate the response options for complete managed endpoint services.

Services Include:

  •   Playbook Development
  •   Automated Incident Response

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