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“We switched to the backup environment and we really lost no time during [the ransomware attack], which is huge.  I’m completely and utterly thankful that we contracted with Brite.”

–Information Manager, Lupton Associates

BriteStar and Backup Services Customer

Business Continuity & Off-Site Backup:
It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Life happens. Cybersecurity breaches occur, hardware fails, users have accidents. It is not a matter of if something will happen that renders your applications or data unreachable, but a question of when.

All organizations need a business continuity plan with managed off-site backup. With our reliance on technology today, any downtime can cause a major disruption. Natural disasters, systems failure and cyber attacks like ransomware can happen to everyone – no matter the size of the organization. Eliminate the disruptions and have complete confidence in the ability to recover and restore in minutes with BriteVault Business Continuity.

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Backup & Restore with 100% Integrity

Easily protect all of your data, no matter where it is.  Gain 100% confidence in the integrity of your data once recovered with automated backups and snapshots.  Paired with Brite’s 24/7 monitoring, environment abnormalities like ransomware attacks are quickly detected and a previous snapshot is restored for limited downtime.



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Complete Managed Backup Services

BriteVault is more than just a standard off-site backup application. It is a complete managed service. The Brite team continuously monitors the status of your environment 24/7, confirms the success of the backup and performs single file or full system restores as necessary.

On-site and Off-site Backup Services

BriteVault backs up systems locally and then replicates to the cloud.

Team of Professionals

A full team of IT and cybersecurity professionals located in the US monitoring for your environment.

Rapid Restore

Single file or full system restores can happen within minutes, dramatically reducing downtime.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity:

Essential Off-Site Backup for Your Organization’s Future


Technology enables us to live life and do business like never before. While we’re able to leverage it for good, if not properly managed it can be a nightmare. Between protecting your critical data and keeping business going, ensure your organization’s future through technology and a proactive IT strategy.

After years in managed IT services, our BriteStar team has outlined and documented three pillars to help every organization safeguard its technology.

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