MDTs, Body-worn & In-car Video: A Budget-Conscious Journey to Technology

ChallengeQuick facts about Christiana Borough's need for body-worn and in-car video and MDTs.

A $10,000 grant in 2007 was life-changing for Christiana Borough’s three-car police department. An opportunity to modernize the department’s technology unknowingly turned into a decades-long relationship with Brite for ongoing support, expertise and new technology projects.

A True Partnership

Similar to other small police departments, Christiana Borough’s Chief Richard Finfrock has always used resourceful ways to buy and implement the latest technology, ensuring officers are equipped with the tools needed to be successful while protecting their community.

Technology acquisitions prior to Brite were very transactional with little support post-sale. “When I got something that didn’t work, there wasn’t help from anyone. [Other companies] don’t care about you after the sale. But that’s not what I get from Brite,” stated Finfrock.

Since partnering with Brite, Christiana Borough Police Department’s experience with technology has entirely shifted. “The working relationship we have with [Brite] is unbelievable… They open their ears and their eyes and say ‘Let’s try this instead.’ They have the technical knowledge to know what I’m looking for and that is a great asset.”

Journey with MDTs and Refreshes

In early 2007, when the newly appointed police chief received the grant money, he began researching in-vehicle computing solutions to bring his fleet into the 21st century. After evaluating numerous other options, he selected Brite’s tablet offering paired with a swing-away mount to maximize passenger safety.

It was shortly after install that Finfrock realized the value of having a partner, not just a vendor. Finfrock recounted how Brite and the strong support team was always a phone call away to answer any questions about his new MDTs. Finfrock was able to truly leverage the power of the technology and not get bogged down with installation issues or configuration challenges.

Now, almost two decades and four computer refreshes later, the department’s current Getac solution continues to keep officers in the field longer where they are better suited to protect the community.

“We keep refreshing with Brite and go from there. It’s made our life easier doing reports in cars now because we’re connected to the station. We can spend more time on the street versus coming in to do reporting.”

A Need for Body-worn and In-car Video

Christiana Borough recognized the power of technology and the growing need for body-worn and in-car video. Finfrock’s desire for more accurate report writing, better evidence collecting and community watch information sharing drove Christiana Borough’s video project.

Incorporating video technology also makes the day-to-day easier. For Finfrock, the 24-hour access to cameras and review capabilities allows him to keep a pulse on activity. While officers’ access to recordings enables accurate, complete reports, which reduces paper trail management and missing information.

However, with no grant availability this time around, he needed an alternative funding method. While evaluating industry-leading solutions, he called his contacts at Brite for their insight and recommendation.

“We’re a small borough. We wanted to get the cameras, computers and all that goes with it. Brite was able to provide us with a financing plan over five years, and then they have a refresh built-in at three, which fits our budget. We couldn’t afford $50,000 upfront for all the cameras and accessories. That’s why we chose to go with Brite. They provide great support and worked out a great deal for us.” stated Finfrock.

Once again, Brite’s guidance and expertise paved the way for making a confident decision to purchase Getac Video Solutions’ body-worn and in-car video system. During the buying process, Finfrock shared his appreciation for the time and dedication the team provided.

“We are passionate about finding the right solution for our customers’ needs. It’s been incredible to watch Christiana Borough over the years continuously leverage technology, and we are honored to be a partner in that journey with them,” Lindsey Cooksey, Brite’s Public Safety Sales Director, said. “Often, we see small departments struggle to navigate budget restraints. Utilizing grants and other funding avenues is common. We’re thrilled that Brite can now offer financing options.”

In closing the Chief summarized it nicely, “I like the products. I like the people. Brite’s always been good to me.” Finfrock shared.

Chief Finfrock and Christiana Borough see every day how far the trifecta of updated technology, strong support and friendly financing can help a department looking to equip officers with the necessary tools to be successful.

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