Mistakes Happen: Sharing Sensitive Data With the Wrong Person

We’ve all made the mistake. The dreaded “Reply All” button response that was meant for one person but sent to the entire office. Mistakes happen and a small one like that is nothing to fret over, other than the potential awkward conversation in the hallway. Of course, there’s always the bigger mistake.

Sharing sensitive company information with those outside of the company can yield dangerous results. It doesn’t have to be malicious, but it still could get in front of someone who shouldn’t see it. Our friends at Fasoo recently wrote a blog about a data breach against the National Guard, where files containing personal information were unintentionally transferred to a “non-DoD-accredited data center by a contract employee.” Although in this case it was not believed to be malicious, there is still the possibility that this information will get into the wrong hands.

Remember to always double check who you’re sending information to and be sure to protect the data in every way possible, such as increased encryption or privileged users.


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