MSP Services Go Beyond Help Desk

MSP Services Go Beyond Help Desk

When you think of a managed service provider (MSP) what first comes to mind? For most, they think that MSPs are synonymous with a help desk. While a 24/7 help desk is one positive advantage of MSPs, it is not the only feature. Proper MSP services beyond help desk and will help off-set the day-to-day management of IT tasks so business can focus on what makes them thrive.

After years of seeing businesses struggle to manage their IT infrastructure, Brite developed BriteStar, our holistic approach to managed services. Through a superior combination of people, process and technology, BriteStar is able to proactively protect businesses from IT failures. Though 24/7 help desk is a component of BriteStar, we pride ourselves on the dramatic reduction of tickets because of the infrastructure, monitoring and alerting put in place.

We strategically organize the components of BriteStar into three components – infrastructure health, managed cybersecurity and IT services. Each area of focus is built to provide a holistic approach to maintaining an IT environment.

Infrastructure Health

A healthy IT infrastructure means a stable environment with limited downtime. BriteStar’s Infrastructure Health section focuses on proactively building and maintaining the digital backbone of organizations. Infrastructures must be consistently monitored for abnormalities. Early detection of an issue reduces the damage and minimizes downtime, while at the same time reducing reactive help desk calls.

At Brite, infrastructure health includes server health monitoring, asset management, managed Office 365, email archival and BriteVault, which is offsite backup utilized in disaster recovery to ensure business continuity.

Managed Cybersecurity

In 2017, there were 53,308 security incidents and 2,216 reported data breaches, with a global average cost of $3.86 million. Though many smaller companies believe they are not targets for cyber-attacks, the current ‘spray and pray’ method affects those with a weak security posture. As you surely know, cyberattacks can cause extensive and irreparable damage to infrastructure and data. With that in mind, cybersecurity services should provide the essentials to prevent against these attacks.

BriteStar focuses on ransomware protection, anti-malware, anti-virus, email filtering and managed next-gen firewall services. All security tools feed into BriteProtect XDR’s security operations center which goes beyond standard managed services help desk capabilities.

IT Services

Even with the best tools, there is always a chance for a failure or breach. A thorough managed service provider adds an additional layer of IT services to support organization proactively, strategically and rapidly. On top of the standard 24/7 help desk, monitoring and alerting to respond in reactive instants, BriteStar also focuses on continuous reviews and strategic planning to ensure surprises are kept to a minimum in both your environment and your budget.

Overall, it’s simple. MSP services go beyond help desk and takes daunting and time-consuming tactical IT operations off the organizations hands so it can focus on what their business does best. The investment in a managed service provider means no more sleepless, anxiety-filled nights worrying about infrastructure problems or imminent cyberattacks.

If BriteStar sounds like the right solution for your organization, then click here for more information or fill out this contact us form.

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