Detect & Respond To Incidents Faster With Managed Open XDR

BriteProtect is solving the Major Industry Challenge of too many tools generating massive amounts of data and not enough dedicated resources resulting in missed alerts. Looking for faster incident detection & faster response times? Managed Open XDR services with the industry-leading BriteProtect software is your answer.

Improve Time to Detection & Response

Leverage Existing Security Tool Investments

Reduce Overall Complexity & Cost

Rapid Onboarding & Time to Value

What is Open XDR and How does it Work?

XDR, or Extended Detection and Response, is a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity threat detection, response, and remediation. Alerts are correlated from various security tools for swift incident response.

Open XDR solutions like BriteProtect normalize and correlate data from any security tool. By analyzing and correlating data from various sources, XDR solutions can identify complex attack patterns and indicators of compromise (IOCs) that may go unnoticed by individual security tools. Additionally, appropriate and accurate automation is performed through advanced AI and machine learning for rapid threat detection and response. This robust information is presented in a unified platform which provides organizations with a unified view of their entire security posture.

Collect and Normalize All Logs

Gone are the struggles of having too much data, not enough data or no context. BriteProtect collects logs from all security tools into one, unified platform. The data records are normalized, reduced and enriched with other telemetry giving true context to the activities and incidents occurring.

Detect Real Threats, Faster

The powerful open XDR machine learning engine provides over 50,000 detections for known and unknown behaviors. Brite’s team of SOC analysts utilizes the platform to identify malicious activity up to 20x faster than traditional means.

Hunt for Threats

Proactive threat hunting is a vital service of any security operation center and a key part of the BriteProtect Open XDR service. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, the Brite team proactively searches through a comprehensive threat hunting and incidents library aligned with the XDR kill chain.

Effective & Appropriate Incident Response

Once detected, analysts escalate or remediate based on predetermined, custom playbooks. The true power of an open XDR platform is not only the log collection and correlation but also the response. Through direct integrations with security tools, analysts are able to quickly thwart an attack from within the BriteProtect platform. Gone is the swivel chair defense.

Continuous Optimization

The tenet specific machine learning engine  is continuously optimized through simple feedback measures for each client environment. Standard incident response playbooks are customized to match individual client desired outcomes.

Open XDR: So much more than SIEM

Go beyond Log Management with Extended Detection & Response

SIEM vs XDR vs Open XDR Thumbnail

A Walkthrough of BriteProtect's Open XDR Platform

Data from multiple sources is correlated together to provide a true picture of an incident, consisting of multiple alerts. It is quickly detected and responded to within moments without leaving the BriteProtect platform.

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