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Public Safety vehicles have transformed from simply a mode of patrol transportation to a high-tech mobile workspace. With access to tremendous amounts of data, it is critical for the systems to be usable, reliable and secure. Since 1999, Brite has specialized in customizing the right mobile workspace for each department.

In-Vehicle Computing

Since 1999 Brite has specialized in providing safe, ergonomic and economical MDT solutions.  From small tablets to sleek mounts, our in-vehicle computing technology has been developed to meet the demanding needs of today’s law enforcement.  Brite offers a wide variety of devices specifically optimized for public safety use to meet the unique needs of each department.

Brite is a proud reseller of Getac laptops, tablets and convertibles – both rugged and semi-rugged.

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Mounting Solutions

Partnering with the leading manufacturers, Brite designs solutions for numerous mobile computing devices that are safe, ergonomic and reduce the technology footprint. Brite is proud to provide the entire Lund, Havis and Gamber Johnson mounting line-up. See our In-Vehicle Gallery for a few examples of Brite’s work.

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Body-Worn and In-Vehicle Video

The powerful combination of in-car and body-worn cameras provides law enforcement with tangible evidence for investigations and tracks officer movement to improve safety.  Partnered with Getac Video Systems, Brite is able to provide both cutting edge camera technology and an integrated back-end video management system that consolidates footage from in-car and body-worn streams into one evidence record.

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Automated License Plate Recognition

Expedite your lead generation process with flexible and accurate ALPR technology built on AI.  The software-based approach eliminates the constraints of proprietary, expensive LPR camera systems.  Now, departments can utilize nearly any existing IP cameras. Utilizing IP cameras allows departments to expand LPR deployments and better protect its community, all at the same cost of traditional systems.

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Maximize productivity, response times and officer safety by having the right connection.  As connected technology is more common in public safety vehicles (AVL, LPR, Video, etc.) there is a need for stronger and more reliable internet connections.  Brite’s communication product line-up empowers departments to take advantage of FirstNet and Band 14 technology.  Get the best, most reliable connection with the latest networks and equipment from providers.

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Automatic Vehicle Location System

Improve officer safety and fleet tracking with Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS). Know where patrol vehicles are at all times and be able to rapidly send support to escalating situations. Additionally, have the ability to track vehicle mechanical health to avoid out-of-commission vehicles.

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Upgrade your ticketing system with the latest e-ticketing equipment, including printers and scanner models.  The range of portable printers offers solutions that are small, light and effective, capable of printing sharp text, crisp graphics and high-quality documents.  Utilize scanners to capture driver licenses, registration forms or other forms easily, quickly and error-free with a scanner.

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