See the forest for the Trees

The human nervous system includes 5 senses with a dedicated sensory system for each. While all important to our personal lives, Sight is probably most important in the professional lives of information security and technology staff. To make informed decisions, we need to See everything connected to the network and understand the meaning of critical information gathered.
How many unknown devices do you think are on your network?  
This is a question we ask many of our clients.  Based on real experiences, most organizations underestimate their device count by 20 to 30%.  Mostly because the existing tools for visibility are used in a batch process mode, require an agent or are not specifically dedicated to finding and interrogated devices.  
What are the additional 20 to 30% of devices?  Some are personal (BYOD/IoT) devices, others are out of date, forgotten or unmanaged devices.  Whether they are used for productive purposes or to pass the time during lunch, when undetected and unmanaged, these devices pose a significant threat to the organization. If you need an accurate view of the devices on your network, contact Brite for a free assessment.
With the explosive growth of IoT, the number of devices in growing at an alarming rate. The quote in the subject, “See the forest for the Trees” is an idiom often used to refer to recognizing patterns and seeing the big picture.  Capturing all the trees in the forest and making sense of the information has become an arduous, time-consuming tasks that most organizations don’t have the tools or resources to complete.
ForeScout’s CounterACT simplifies the Forest and illuminates the big picture by answering many questions, such as:
–          How many devices and which types are on the network?
–          Are unauthorized devices on the network?
–          Do the devices meet internal standards and external requirements?
–          Where are the potential threats?
–          What devices need remediation?
ForeScout CounterACT is the Sight Sensory system for IT professionals today.
Interested in learning more about how ForeScout identifies unwanted devices?  View ForeScout on-demand webinar Blind Spots: Gain Real Time Visibility & Control of Unmanaged Endpoints.  
Questions on how this can benefit your organization?  Contact Us and see!


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