Track Star Fleet Management Solutions can serve every type of fleet with real-time GPS based tools to maximize efficiency, reduce operating costs and ensure the safety of officers and workers alike. Available as an on-premise solution, a hybrid deployment model and as a full SaaS model, Track Star offers a solution to fit your needs.

Track Star | Automatic Vehicle Locating System (AVLS)

Track Star GPS Fleet Management Solutions are the value proposition leader among GPS vehicle tracking and management solutions available today. Offering a unique array of delivery architectures with both thick and thin client capabilities, Track Star provides users with four differentiating attributes that span the entire array of products: Affordable, Powerful, Flexible and Private.

Track Star AVLS is in use today in law enforcement and first responder agencies of all sizes, municipal government agencies large and small, utilities, and rural utility cooperatives. The system has been in constant production since 2000 when the Company was founded, and remains in a continuous state of development and enhancement.  Trackstar AVLS is the legacy comprehensive fleet tracking solution offered as an on-premise or cloud-based software. Powerful features include real-time tracking, extensive notification features, OBDII & J1708/J1939 engine diagnostic capabilities, driver behavior notifications, unlimited historical data retention, flexible mapping display features, dashboarding and more.  Trackstar Express focuses on the essential fleet management functions and is delivered as a web based, hosted option with no software to install or maintain.


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